Aluminum Industry Summary |

Aluminum Industry Summary


Environmental Issues
International Competition
Major Products and Markets
Regulations and NOx Control
Trends / Major Products
Trends / Employment and Productivity
Trends / Energy Consumption by Fuel
Trends / Primary Aluminum Production
Trends / Total Supply of Aluminum
Trends / World Aluminum Output
Trends / Distribution of Power Plants
Trends / Distribution of Processing Plants

The aluminum chapter describes primary aluminum production and secondary processing with a strong focus on secondary processing. Secondary processing includes Recycling and Melting, Casting, Hot Working, Heat Treating, and Finish Coating. Mining and primary processing are presented, but not discussed in detail.

The above topics span a number of Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes:

3334 – Aluminum Production, Primary
3341 – Nonferrous Metals Smelting & Refining, Secondary
3353 – Aluminum Sheet, Plate, & Foil
3354 – Aluminum Extruded Products
3355 – Aluminum Rolling & Drawing
3363 – Aluminum Die Casting
3365 – Foundries, Aluminum
3398 – Heat Treating, Metal
3463 – Forging, nonferrous