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A 1345-mm (53-inch) high lift, two high, reversing blooming and slabbing mill.
Courtesy of “The making, shaping, and treating of steel”.

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Two High Reversing Mill


A two high reversing mill works the hot steel between two large rollers during a series of reversing passes to achieve the desired shape for either a bloom or a slab.

Universal Slabbing Mill

The universal slabbing mill (or slab mill) is a specialized two-high mill designed for the production of wide section slabs. The slab mill also has a pair of vertical rolls to provide the edging passes.

Tandem Mill


A two high tandem mill consist of several single stands, each containing a pair of rolls, allowing a continuous pass of the work from one end to the other without reversing. Each stand can be optimized for specific pass needed at that stand.

Three High Blooming Mill


A three high blooming mill has three rollers instead of two. This configuration allows the rolls to be operated in one direction at a constant speed. On the forward pass the work passes between the first and second rolls and on the reversing pass, the table is lifted and the work passes between the second and third rolls.