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Coking: Combustion Technology


Adapted from: “The Making, Shaping, and Treating of Steel”, 10th Edition, Association of Iron and Steel Engineers, 1985, p.193.

Combustion Technology
Energy Consumption
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Various burner, flue, and regenerator configurations are employed. Practically all heating systems can be grouped into two general classes, the gun-flue type (shown) and the underjet type. In the gun flue type, the gas is introduced through a horizontal gas duct extending the length of each wall, below the oven floor line. Short connecting ducts lead vertically upward to a replaceable nozzle brick at the bottom of each of the vertical heating flues. The heat in the flue is transferred to the oven and the hot flue gases are drawn back down through the regenerator section. The firing is reversed every 30 minutes, more frequently on high production batteries.