Shipments by Major Markets |

Iron and Steel Overview: Shipments by Major Markets


The table shows the major market for steel mill products:

1994 Steel Mill Product Markets
(1,000 Net tons)
Construction (Rebar, structural shapes) 14,283
Automotive (Galvanized Sheet and Strip, Hot and Cold Rolled Sheet) 14,753
Rail (rails) 1,249
Oil and Gas (Pipe and Tubing) 1,703
Machinery (Plates, Bars, Ingots, Blooms, Slabs) 4,726
Appliances (Cold Rolled Sheet) 2,646
Containers (Tin Plate) 4,495
subtotal: 43,855
Service Centers (Hot rolled sheet, cold rolled sheet, Plates) 24,153
Converting and Processing (hot rolled sheet, cold rolled sheet, wire rods) 10,502
Other (Wide Range) 2,707
Export (Wide Range) 1,710
Not Classified (Hot rolled sheet, Galvanized, Bars, Wire Rods) 12,157
Total: 95,084