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Iron and Steel Overview: Shipments by Type of Products




The graph shows the breakdown of major steel mill products. The largest category of products are flat products. There is a growing demand for high quality and coated products within this category. Long products, bar, rod, wire, and light structurals, are the next most common product used. Large structurals, pipes and tubing, and semifinished shapes make up the remaining major categories of use

Breakdown of Steel Shipments (1994)

Tubular Goods Net Tons (1000)
Pipes and Tubing 4,966
Flat Products Net Tons (1000)
Plates 8,556
Hot Rolled Sheets and Strip 16,366
Cold Rolled Sheet and Strip 13,993
Galvanized and Coated 20,917
Semifinished Shapes Net Tons (1000)
Ingots, Blooms, Slabs and Billets 2,531
Structurals Net Tons (1000)
Structurals, Pilings, and Rails 6,573
Wire, Rod, and Bar Net Tons (1000)
Long Products – Bars
Wire Rods, Drawn Wire